Surrendering to the Potter


By: Holly Haglan

Isaiah 64:8 says “ Yet You, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay and you are the Potter. We are all the work of your Hands.”

This is a verse many of us, definitely myself, could benefit from hearing. As humans, we have the innate desire to follow our flesh and follow the ways of the world. This is one my biggest downfalls, and definitely an area I struggle with.  I love this verse because it encourages me to surrender myself to the Potter, the Lord our God. It reminds me that I am a product of Him, and not of this world. Because of this fact, we must remain aware and active in pursuing the paths that glorify Him, because as Christians we are a product of the Lord and should represent His Kingdom the best way that we know how. The next thing I love about this verse is that He compares us to clay. A substance that has an easy metamorphosis into anything. With God as our Potter, He can make even the hardest and darkest of souls melt under the touch of his sturdy hand. However, this also comes with a caveat. Since we have the ability to  be anything, it is  easy to fall into situations that are not glorifying to Him, which is where I’m sure many of us have found ourselves a time or two before or maybe even now. I hope to encourage anyone in that rut now to surrender themselves to the Potter. Let Him mold you into what you have always been destined to be. Don’t wait any longer. The Love and Mercy of Jesus Christ has no boundaries, no limits. It is infinite. So no matter how far you think you may have wandered, the Potter is ready to complete His Work in you.



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