Saving of My Soul


By:  Shannon Chambers

Too busy building my kingdom to seek His first. Losing sight of the righteousness for which I used to thirst. Willingly walking to the block of the slave.Forsaking the freedom He so generously gave. Through the windows of my soul, all colors perpetually diluted. The activity of all creation indefinitely muted.

Seemingly shining from among the multitude. Secretly confined by self-imposed solitude. Attempting to fulfill the requirements of past obligations. Striving to stay free from the lure of current temptations. Desperately searching for someone who understands life’s unrelenting pressures and never-ending demands.

Then along came a man possessing eternal sight. He alone recognized my spirit to be broken and contrite He offered to tenderly examine the root cause of my direction. I stubbornly resisted His efforts, making every objection.Time elapsed and there was great deliberation. Past hurts argued any need for this divine collaboration. The reality was His presence calmed the turmoil of my world. I relented and received Him as my King, my Peace, my Lord.

The religious and right interceded from far away. Never missing an opportunity to gossip, I mean pray. Yet, in all my filth and fallen state, He lovingly and patiently chose to wait. He masterfully traded my ashes for beauty and my shame for His glory; unwilling to insert a period at that point in my story. He transformed my smile-less mourning into smiling mornings. He turned my world right side up without warning.

I endeavored to learn more about this phenomenal man. Standing still, listening to the intricate details of His plan. He selflessly poured love into the cracks of my foundation; creating intimacy, silencing attacks on my imagination. The depth of who He is called to the deepest of me, daring my innermost to revisit the shaping of my identity. I discovered that to be lost in Him was actually to be found. Surrendered and dying to self, reflections of Christ now abound.

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