“I Will Be With You”


by Kelly Waite

Exodus 3: 11-12

But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” 12 And God said, “I will be with you”. 

As I lay awake around 2:00 am in a hotel bed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,  fear began to set in.  We had arrived in Addis early the morning before and caught up on some rest from two days of traveling.  We made our way to the care center where our son was living and spent time getting to know him.  It was an amazing day filled with incredible joy. The range of emotion is complicated to say the least.  We had come to a place that had remained hidden in our dreams and prayers; but now here it was in the flesh.  Up until this point I never imagined that fear would set in, but it did, like a huge weight sitting upon my chest.

Sometimes when God calls us to something we get excited and can’t wait on His timing to walk it out.  That was me.  I knew that we were called to international adoption.  First, with our two children who are from China and then to our son who lives in Ethiopia.  There was no question in my mind, no doubt.  However, after meeting my son and heading back to the hotel room, full of emotions, I lay in bed and fear crept in.  Fear lied to me and told me  I could not do this. It said my hands were already full with 4 children at home.  How was I going to get anything done with 3 toddlers running around the house, was I ever going to find myself again, did I miss God?  Fear tries to manipulate you into doing what it wants you to do.  It wants you to run away from whatever God is calling you to.

Thank goodness I didn’t fall for fear’s lies and manipulation or I would have taken the next plane home.  Instead I surrendered my life once again to God.  I called upon His sweet mercies and heard His sweet words say to me “I will be with you”.  You see God doesn’t call us to something and then leave us there alone to fend for ourselves.  No, He is always with us.  Just as God called Moses to something that he felt inadequate to do, He told him, “I will be with you”.

Is there something God has called you to, something that you know in the depths of your soul are words spoken directly to your heart from God himself?  Then don’t let fear invade those dreams.  Walk them out with the one who says, “I will be with you”.


Lord I pray that you would instill boldness and peace where fear resides. That you would cast away any doubt and enable your people to walk in their calling today.  I pray for an excitement to stir in their hearts because they know that you will be with them.  In Jesus name, Amen.


“A Simple Feather”


by Dawn Fisher

Psalm 91:4 I will cover you with my feathers, under my wing you will find refuge and your faith will become your shield and your rampart.

It was a brisk fall morning as I headed out for a run.  For me, this was a time of worship and prayer.  Sometimes I had my iPod cranked up and had  to contain my worship as I ran, so I didn’t appear too foolish to those that saw me and so I wouldn’t fall on my face.  This day however, the worship music was on softly and my heart was heavy. I began to pour out my pain before God.  At this time, I was a mother to three boys and my home was filled with what seemed like constant bickering with each other and utter disrespect to me and my husband.  I felt beaten down.  I wondered how many other moms’ felt this way?

I began to pray. “God I cried out, I am so stressed out and wound so tight with all the tension in my life.  I have blown my top more times than I would like to admit.  Why can’t I be patient like you Lord?  I try to and I want to, yet I fail. Will I ever get it right?”

As I was praying a song came on my IPod that spoke of God’s constant, unending love, and how his love never fails and never fades.   It doesn’t matter if we get it right or wrong, succeed or fail, his love is the same.  Really let that penetrate your heart. It struck every cord in mine.   He loves us even when we don’t love ourselves.

Then right in front of me, down from the sky, came a single white feather.  I couldn’t believe it. As I ran, I caught it in my hand.  I looked around, no other feathers, nothing else floating through the sky, no birds.  God quickened my spirit to:

Psalm 91:4 I will cover you with my feathers, under my wings you will find refuge and your faith will become your shield and your rampart. 

I was overwhelmed.   I think He was saying to me that day and wants to say to us mothers and women, who are trying so hard to get it right every day as we juggle all the balls in the air, we need to cut ourselves a little slack.  I felt the Lord go on to say, in this season, I have allowed some of this to go with you. I know it is hard, just as with Job, but it isn’t because I don’t love you, it is because I do. Ladies, He is refining us for what He needs for us to do for Him.  But, we need to remember this verse from Psalm 91:4 and hold it close to our hearts.  He will be covering each of us the whole time. Never think He has abandoned you.  When you feel like you can’t take it any longer, go to Him for He is your safe place, your refuge.  He will never leave you or forsake you even in the midst of the storm.  Your faith is increasing in this.  Hold on to Him tight and He promises to hold on to you. In this place, your faith, dear one, is going to be your rampart, which literally means encircle. It will encircle you, protect you, and it will be your shield for the battle. You will overcome it and be stronger for you are His warrior princesses and in you our God is well pleased.

Prayer: God as we try to honor you in all things, we fall short, we miss it, we mess up as your daughters.  Lord we are hard on ourselves and we carry the weight of the responsibility you have given us as mothers.  We are blessed and we are thankful and we give you praise for our children.  Yet God we need you, we need you every day Lord to strengthen us, equip us and help us love our children well for you.  Lord thank you that you are not surprised by any of this, that you know this a tough job. That you know our hearts and you love us despite our scrapped up knees from all the times we fall.  Thank you God for being there for us every step of the way. Thank you that you are our refuge and that you cover us and build our faith.  In Jesus Name, Amen.