Peace Offering


By: Michelle Meeks

Leviticus 3:1 (KJV)
“When his offering is a sacrifice of a peace offering… he shall offer it without blemish before the Lord.”  

My husband owns his own financial business.  A little over two years ago, he prayed about buying a piece of land to build an office on instead of continuing to rent.  We were starting to recover from the housing and market crash of 2008 and knew if this was to happen, God would have to make a way financially.  God was faithful.  We were able to save enough money throughout the year to have for closing costs once the building was done in December.  About six months ago, my husband asked God what he should be doing in his business to help it grow.  Again, God was faithful.  My husband found a renewed interest in his work and his business was growing.

Last month, just two months from closing on his office, we were hit very hard financially.  It seemed to be one thing after the other.  Fortunately, we had money saved up to take care of these things, but using this money meant we were not going to have all the money we needed to bring to closing.  After the first financial hit, God showed me in a dream we were going to be attacked more than just once, but I heard Him say in the dream, “Don’t worry about it.  I’ve got it.”  The day after this we had the second financial attack, a week later another, and just this past week another.  I know my God is faithful, and if He says He’s going to come through, then He will.  My husband is not so sure.  He questioned God and wanted to know had he done something wrong, did he need to do something…

I stayed up late after this last attack and asked God if this was still an attack, had we gotten away from His plan, was there something He wanted us to do.  What was happening?  As I listened, I heard Him say, “Leviticus 3.”  So, I opened my Bible and read about offering a Peace Offering.  Then I did some research to find out what exactly this offering was.  According to several commentaries, a Peace Offering was made to the Lord to either receive a special favor from the Lord or to give thanks for special favors from the Lord.  What is significant though, is this offering was burned after the sin offering, so no sin is involved with the Peace Offering.  This said to me, we had not done anything wrong.  The other significant part was the priest, God and the offerer split the offering three ways signifying the offerer is at peace not only with God, but also man.  The offering is made out of a place of peace, knowing God has all ready taken care of what is needed.  I told my husband to do some research on this too and pray about what would our Peace Offering be.

Fast forward a few days.  We are sitting down doing the bills for the month and trying to see what the next months bills will be, tithes, what money is coming in, and what is left of the money we have saved for closing.  When we were done, he looked at me and said we could not afford to pay our tithes now, we would have to get caught up in January.  I didn’t say anything.  I just prayed God would please speak to him and tell him that was the wrong way to go.  I woke up the next morning and he had left me a note to pay our tithes and give $500 to a friend who was struggling financially as our peace offering.  I have to say I was thankful God had changed his mind!

My friend had just sold her car.  The monthly payment was a financial burden God told them they didn’t need.  She did not want to sell her car.  She didn’t have another car to get around in, but out of obedience she did.   I called my friend and told her about the money and how it was a Peace Offering.  She proceeded to tell me the night before, she had asked God when would the blessings for selling her car come.  He told her she was like Moses.  First you have to be obedient and then the blessings come. Hers would be coming the next day.  The day I called to tell her she was getting our Peace Offering!    When I told my husband this, he got a little teary-eyed.  He knew he had done the right thing.  We both knew his obedience would bring our blessing from God.

Romans 4:17-18 “ We call Abraham “father” …because God made something out of Abraham when he was a nobody…Abraham dared to trust God to do what only God could do: raise the dead to life, with a word make something out of nothing.  When everything was hopeless, Abraham believed anyway…”

Prayer – Thank you God for your word.  When it looks like there is no way, you remind us You have already made the way.  Our job is to trust in who You are and what You say and be obedient in all You would have us to do.  Then, out of our obedience, comes the blessing.  


The Power of the Tongue


By Elizabeth Strayer

Proverbs 18:21
“The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

I remember my mom saying, “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.” I didn’t realize at that time how true that statement was, and I know I have repeated it so many times to my boys in the past several years. Last year however, I put a new twist on it and did not realize the effect or that I would feel the fruit from it for a year.

I was involved in a Christmas production at church and let’s just say my insecurities were getting the best of me. I didn’t think I was doing well enough, my voice was not rich enough, my tone was off- you know the “poor pitiful me” road that we travel down too many times in life. I will say my feelings were tainting my mood and my outlook. There was a young lady whose voice was absolutely beautiful.  The rich tone and precision of her instrument was breathtaking. She knew all her words and hit the notes with such power and depth that you just stood there and listened with anticipation for the next note.  So I am not sure I saw her personality from a clear perspective if you know what I mean.  She seemed to know she was good and would get very agitated when someone else missed their note or place. She would whisper to a friend, and I (in a fragile state of mind) assumed her whispers had something to do with how off I was at the time. Well I have an expression: “I was on my last nerve and it was getting thin” by the end of the 6th night’s performance. 

We had just stepped off the stage at the conclusion and for some reason I saw her standing over to the side.  I walked up embraced her with congratulation for a great performance and started speaking. I told her that she had the radiance of the Holy Spirit upon her, that God had blessed her with an incredible voice that would allow her to move those from desperation to hope. She had great power in her voice and her tongue and that the words would speak life into others and to use it wisely as God had intended. I asked if I could pray for her, she had a commission and purpose on her life. That was it.  We hugged, and I left.

Fast forward.  Here it is Christmas time again, and the Christmas production is back on.  Well on the first night we were sitting in the dressing room, and we could hear the cast members on stage. This is our outreach night so we hear the leader of our Outreach program give his testimony and share, saying if you need prayer follow me and we have several people that would love to pray for you. At that moment, this same girl turns to me and after giving such loving complements about the Outreach leader she says, “Do you remember last year when you spoke over me?  Well you changed my life.  I had never had anyone speak over me before and that was the first time I had ever had anyone pray for or over me. Since that time God has given me a greater freedom in my worship so thank you.”  My heart melted, not because I had done anything miraculous but because I did not speak what I was feeling a year ago. God spoke through me to her, and it made a strong impression.  Now I wish I could say that I do that all the time and with my own family, children and friends, but I cannot. I can say that I now have a whole new perspective on the power of the tongue, and we can each breathe life or death in to everyone we encounter.

Prayer – Heavenly Father, I pray that I always see those around me with Your eyes and not with mine. That I speak life into them and you breathed life into me. I pray that everyone has a fresh new look at those they encounter and know that you are always present and they might just be the vessel used to tell someone else that YOU love them. May peace be in your heart for this Christmas season and love be all around you. Thank you Father for your grace and love may we always walk in truth and compassion.  In Jesus Holy name Amen.