Purpose in the New Year

By:  Hannah Schelling New Year, New Me –  That’s usually the statement we all hear from one another as the new year rolls back around. Everyone talks about how they’re going to start diets, make better grades, use less social media; and although we might start off doing those things we shortly fall off track … Continue reading


Saving of My Soul

By:  Shannon Chambers Too busy building my kingdom to seek His first. Losing sight of the righteousness for which I used to thirst. Willingly walking to the block of the slave.Forsaking the freedom He so generously gave. Through the windows of my soul, all colors perpetually diluted. The activity of all creation indefinitely muted. Seemingly shining from among the … Continue reading

Unrealistic Expectations

By:  Hannah Schelling A couple months ago I bought a book called “The Best Yes” written by Lysa Terkeurst. I bought this book because at the time, I was troubled with knowing when to say “no” and when to say “yes” to certain people and certain situations. In the chapter I read last week, Lysa … Continue reading

Forever God is Faithful

By: Dawn Ashley This morning I did not make it to church, instead decided to do “church” at home with the girls.  That may sound a little bizarre but that is what we needed today.  I am not discounting going to church because that is important but this is where God had us today and … Continue reading